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*{2016- Max the Father of 7 Kelpie cross pups, their new owners love their personality and their smarts.

Kelly Kelpie & Max the Swedish Vallhund - parents of the pups, born 31/10/16. More of the pups in the For Sale & Gallery sections

25/12/16 All Puppies have now gone to their new homes, hope you all have a *MERRY XMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR*

(What the new owners have loved about this mix is the hybrid vigour, both being of the working class, the shorter legs from the Vallhund, the extra smarts of the Australian Kelpie, as one owner said! and not a toy dog) This hybrid mix = Our 1st

28/12/16 Milo at his new home.

10/04/17 Milo looking more like Kelly in stature & markings with more of Max's colour.

23/04/17 Zeus and a message from his family.
"Hi guys,
Here is a a few photos of Zeus over the weekend. I can't keep going on about how he is such an amazing dog!! He has such a great crazy fun personality and is scarily unbelievably intelligent and has such a beautiful loving temperament😊
He is a very spoilt dog and gets to sleeps inside at night and is sooo well behaved. If he needs to go to the toilet he will come up to you and politely let u know in his special way so you can go and let him out!!! 😳
I've had loyal dogs before but Zeus tops the lot!! He will stick with you wherever you go and you will always find him sleeping on your feet 😂
People are amazed how he co-exists with the rabbits..!! ( he still thinks he's part rabbit seeing how he was raised with them and still loves his carrots 🥕) You were so right about him being protective of his herd!
You guys have come across a really awesome breed of dog. Thanks heaps again"

01/05/17 Tilly and a message from her family.
We thought we would let you know how young Tilly is progressing.
She is a very clever (though wilful dog) who has now got the whole family particularly well trained. She is happy inside and outside the house and is happily an “outside” dog at night. She is very attentive, particularly when we are working in the kitchen – always keeping a sharp eye out for anything that may slip off the bench.
She loves to run and explore, particularly down at the beach, and really loves to chase and return a ball. She has a couple of dog friends roughly the same age who keep her entertained at the park, and we have decided that her lack of height improves her cornering and handling as she is closer to the ground.
We are constantly asked what kind of dog she is, and if there are more around. You could be on to something there!
Anyway, she is great, and a fantastic addition to the family".

07/05/17 Duke

16/07/17 Roxie

Max & his buddy, the Ferret, 2009.

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